Calculate the force blind box

BTC CLUB Computing blind box is designed by Bull BTC CLUB technical team. Combining NFT rare attributes and Bitcoin actual computing power mining, BTC computing power data quantification, smart contract token, in order to better adapt to the platform computing power development, the issued NFT computing power token collection

Calculate force NFT

Bull BTC CLUB has different computing power specifications, and different NFT rarity corresponds to different NFT computing power. Users can pledge computing power NFT to obtain BTC computing power mining income of different specifications

BTC machine pool

Users simply provide a portion of their BTC or NFT assets and can lend

out USDT through Bull's decentralized agreement, or pledge BTC to earn interest

BTC borrowing pool

Bull BTC CLUB BTC Lending Pool, where users simply provide a portion of their pledged assets and lend out BTC, or lend out cryptocurrency to earn interest, through the Bull BTC CLUB decentralized protocol

Computing Power Exchange

The current global distribution of computing power is fragmented, costly, etc., because miners rely on mining incentives (made up of newly created bitcoins and transaction fees) to pay for operating expenses, and low bitcoin prices suppress the purchasing power of this output, making payment more difficult.As a result, miners with the highest production costs will no longer be profitable and will be forced to stop mining, similar to the production cost dynamics of traditional commodities.However, unlike traditional commodities such as gold, where production costs and operating expenses are slower to respond to changes in gold prices, Bitcoin's production costs are designed to dynamically adjust every two weeks based on current market conditions.

BULL BTC CLUB Computing Exchange provides a decentralized

Automated quotation system and communicative architecture for global computing power through the decentralized DHAMM (Computing Power Quotation System), which provides matching trades for global computing power

Computing Power Meta Universe

Computational forces are the most important infrastructure for building the metaverse.The virtual content, blockchain network, and artificial intelligence technology that constitute the metaverse are all dependent on the support of computing power.BULL BTC CLUB will make it possible to create virtual worlds with low barriers and accessible anywhere.Computing power can be understood as data processing power, which is defined by William D. Nordhaus, winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics, in his article "Computational Processes" :

"Computing power is the amount of information and data that can be processed by a device per second according to the changes in its internal state."

Computing power is the most important infrastructure for the construction of the metaverse.The virtual content, blockchain network, and artificial intelligence technology that constitute the metaverse are all dependent on the support of computing power.The metaverse is not an online game, but similar to the game, the metaverse is a virtual world that carries activities.Rather than entertainment, the focus of the metaverse is more on the experience of this virtual time and space, and people's social interaction and activities in it.But similar to games, the metaverse also needs graphic display and mature display technology to support it.

The graphical display of the virtual world cannot be separated from the support of computing power.Computer graphics is the model data in accordance with the corresponding process, rendering to the whole picture inside every pixel, so the amount of computation required is huge.Now, the 3D picture displayed in the user's device is actually composed by polygons.Most of the models are created by Polygon Modeling, whether it's the player's various games or the detailed 3D

models.The actual movements and actions of these characters in the picture, and even the changes in light, are rendered in real time by the computer according to various calculations of graphics.This rendering process needs to go through vertex processing, meta processing, rasterization, fragment processing and pixel operation these 5 steps

1. Vertex processing: the model vertices in 3D space are mainly converted to the two-dimensional space of the display.The more elaborate the modeling, the more vertices need to be transformed, and the greater the computational burden.

2. Meta processing: to connect the vertices after vertex processing, and turn them into polygons.In fact, the transformed vertices are still in a three-dimensional space, only the Z-axis of the third dimension, which is the "depth" of the screen.

3. Rasterization: convert polygons into pixels on the screen

4, fragment processing: calculate the color of each pixel, transparency and other information, to the pixel color.

5, pixel operation: to "blend" the pixels of different polygons together, adjust the pixel information to achieve the display effect.

Computing power supports the creation and experience of virtual content in the meta-universe. More realistic modeling and interaction requires stronger computing power as the premise.The flywheel effect of game creation and graphics card development forms the hardware and software foundation for the metaverse.Every major leap forward in the game industry has come from updates and advances in computing power and video processing technology.Aaa games often take high-quality graphics as the core selling point, and make full use of or even squeeze the performance of the graphics card, forming a "graphics card crisis" of high-quality game graphics.While game consumers pursue

high picture quality and high experience, they also pursue devices with strong computing power, thus forming the flywheel effect in the development of games and graphics cards, which has been seen in masterpieces such as Need for Speed.

AI technology supported by computing power can assist users in creation and generate richer and more realistic content.One of the biggest challenges in the construction of the metaverse is how to create enough high-quality content. The cost of professional creation is surprisingly high. Big 3A works often require several years of investment by a team of hundreds of people, and UGC platform will also face difficulties of quality assurance.To this end, the next big development in content creation will be to turn to artificial intelligence to assist human creation.While only a few people can be creators today, this AI complementary model will fully democratize content creation.Everyone can become a creator with the help of AI tools that translate high-level instructions into production results and do the proverbial grunt work of coding, drawing, animation, and more.In addition to the creation phase, there will also be NPCS participating in social activities inside the metaverse.These NPCS will have their own ability to communicate and make decisions, further enriching the digital world.

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