BBC Protocol


Bull BTC CLUB (BBC) is a proof-of-stake metaverse that utilizes NFTs to represent real Bitcoin hash power.
Our mission is to bring computing power on-chain to achieve effortless hash power transactions through NFTs. Bull BTC Club users can mint hash power NFTs, and build POW VR mines on the metaverse.
Our current products include the Bull Hash Power NFT, BTC Vault, BTC Lending, BTC Mystery Box, Horn Marketplace (hash power marketplace), and the Ranch (native metaverse).
BBC enables users to earn passive income by owning Bull NFTs. Different scarcity corresponds to different bitcoin computing power. BBC NFT is actively trading with a total trading volume of over 3,162,023.53 USD, currently ranking No.1 on Binance NFT.
BBC currently has more than 100k community members, and 220k+ followers on Twitter and is continuing to grow with no signs of slowing down. Our strategic partners include renowned projects such as OKEX, MDEX, BitKeep, Coin98, TokenPocket, CoinmarketCap, Element, Openmeta, and Certik.
Bull BTC Club, Embrace the bull together.